Dirty Little Style Confessions #4

So. I overbooked myself a bit this weekend. It happens. Fortunately I’ve been collecting a handful of these, so SF won’t go post-less. Hooray?

  • There’s a short-sleeved jacket in my wardrobe that will probably never make it onto the blog. However, I doubt I’ll get rid of it because it allows me to go bra-free at work, which is one of life’s greatest little joys.
  • One of my favorite pairs of jeans is from Hot Topic. I still drop by there once in a great while and I don’t even care that I’m well past my teen years.
  • When school is in session, my morning commute is such that I need to leave the house hella early and put 25% of my makeup on when I get to work. Since I don’t want to leave it in a hot car, this has cultivated an occasional bad habit of leaving my makeup bag in a desk drawer. Good thing it’s only a few items! From time to time I think this might make me avoid makeup altogether, or at least drastically pare down my collection. But let’s be honest, neither scenario seems likely.
  • Thus, I’ve instituted a new rule for myself. If I feel compelled to apply more lipstick, I just do it, regardless of whether I need it. This goes double if it’s a favorite, or it’s a higher-end lippie. This way I’m more mindful of where my stuff is.
  • One of the few things I like about dating is having a valid excuse to wear my cutest clothes all the time. But hey, that’s always a good reason to keep the blog going, right?

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