Semi-Fabricated takes a holistic approach to personal style. I believe not only in highlighting the best aspects of your outer self; I take into account how to reflect your best inner self as well.

Things I will do:

  • Assess your lifestyle’s needs and synthesize them with your unique personal style.
  • Work as much as possible with what you already have.
  • Determine your personal must-haves.
  • Help you pare down the things you no longer love, or that no longer serve you.
  • Organize your wardrobe so you will always look the most fabulous with the least effort.

Things I will not do:

  • Force my own style on you.
  • Make you look like someone you are not.
  • Make you buy things you don’t need and therefore won’t wear or use.


Hot date? Important interview? Just need some ideas to remix something you already own? I can help you to look at what you already own in a different way. If you do require something new, I will make sure it works well with the rest of your wardrobe.

If the idea of opening up your closet doors fills you with dread for any reason, this is what you need. I will help you strike a balance between what you love and what you need, and guide you to figure out what no longer serves you.

Not even sure where to start on your style journey? I can help guide you and find the balance between personal expression and your lifestyle’s necessities. It’s a combination and extension of the previous two services, and it will require the largest time commitment.

All initial consultations are FREE and no-obligation. To discuss rates or schedule an initial consultation, contact me at
Currently I am only able to do in-person consultations and full-service image styling/wardrobe organization on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you live elsewhere, I may still be able to offer you single makeovers and quick tips.


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